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Find Job & Shift Number In-App


Q: I have a question about a job I'm seeing in AMN hub, where can I find the job and shift number in-app to ask my recruiter?

A: If you have a question about a particular shift you see in-app, open the Job Details and identify the corresponding Job and/or Shift Number listed in the Description section of the shift.

Open the shift from Nearby Jobs, or from My Jobs to locate the Job Number and/or Shift Number from the Job Description section:

Once you have located the Job and/or Shift Number in the Job Description, provide your recruiter with this information so they can identify the specific shift you are viewing in the mobile app:

“Hello!  I’m seeing a shift in the mobile app, I have a question…”

“Great! Please open the Job Details and provide me with the Job Number and/or Shift Number, so I can take a look and answer your question”

“Thank you, the Job Number is 108350, and the Shift Number is 29993303.  Is this shift still available for me to work?”

“Absolutely, all shifts you see in the mobile app are open and available to be filled.  Once a shift is booked, you will not be able to view it unless it becomes open again.  Press “Submit” on the job to submit yourself for confirmation”

"Will do - thank you for your help!"


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