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Set-Up the AMN hub Mobile App


Q: I am new to Nursefinders, when will I have access to the AMN hub mobile app?

A: In order to utilize the AMN hub mobile app and create an account, you need to first submit an application to Nursefinders

Once your application has been submitted, you will receive a text invitation ~24 hours later with instructions on how to access your personal work account in AMN hub.  While you are working through the credentialing process, you can start viewing the nearby jobs in your skillset.

Click here to watch the AMN hub mobile app tutorial video! 


Q: I just received my text invite with instructions to get started on the AMN hub app. What do I need to know to download the app and set-up my profile?

AMobile App Set-Up Overview:

Once you receive the text invitation with instructions from phone number 763-64, register your unique user profile:

1.  Open the Getting Started page from the text invitation

2.  Install the AMN hub mobile app from Google Play or Apple Store

3.  Once the app is installed, press LOGIN on the app home page and enter your Nursefinders affiliated e-mail address.  Then, press “Forgot Password”

  • After you receive the "Success" confirmation in AMN hub, check your e-mail inbox

4.  Check your inbox for an e-mail from with a link to reset your AMN hub password. Open the link

5.  Enter a New Password, then press "Change my password" to finalize

6.  Once you’ve created a new password, enter your e-mail and new password to “Login” on AMN hub

7.  Confirm Location and Notifications for AMN hub are set to “Always Allow”.  For more information on setting these preferences, click here.

  • Select the Availability Portal SmartCard to enter Nursefinders per diem availability directly from AMN hub.  Enter your Nursefinders Candidate Portal credentials to Login.  Click here for more information on entering your availability

  • Open the “Need Help?” SmartCard to review FAQs and Resource guides

  • Select “Find Jobs” SmartCard to prompt Location Services set up

8.  Set a User Profile Photo

  • Note: If your in-app Profile says that phone number is “Not Verified”, send text message with word “START” to 650-651-4624

9.  Open the Find Jobs tab to Book your first shift!


Additional Tips:

Not receiving the text message invitation for AMN hub?  

  • Text the word START to 763-64 to subscribe to AMN hub text messages.  If you receive a reply that Wonolo is unable to verify your number, contact your recruiter to complete the onboarding process

Not receiving the Forgot Password reset e-mail?

  • First, check your SPAM folder for an e-mail from:
  • If you’re still not receiving the Forgot Password e-mail, let your recruiter know.




AMN hub – Shift Notification & Submit for Confirmation

Job Details: Facility Name, Start Date, Time, Shift Duration, Description (Job/Shift Number), Required Badges, Facility address with localized map of commute.  If you have questions about a shift in-app, provide the Job/Shift Number from ‘Job Details’ to your recruiter

Submit yourself to the shift, then confirm that you are available to work under all noted conditions by pressing “Yes, I’ll Be There”:

“Thank You for Submitting”: pop-up informs you that you have been submitted to the shift and will receive a notification when your Job Status Changes (Confirmed or Denied)

You will receive a notification when your shift is Confirmed or Denied by the facility.  The job viewed in-app will always reflect the most up-to-date status.  Until your shift is Confirmed, your submission will wait in a Pending Confirmation Status, visible on the Job Details and My Jobs section



“Missing Badge” Pop-Up

AMN hub will show you fully compliant shifts, as well as Nearby opportunities that you may not be cleared to work.  Only full match jobs will produce a push notification/alert from AMN hub, but you may also see “partial match” opportunities on your Map and List view.  If you are currently working through the credentialing process, you can view the "partial match" shifts in your skillset. 

If you try to Submit yourself for a job that you are not cleared for, you will receive a “Missing Badge” pop-up informing you that you are not yet cleared at the requesting facility

Click “More Info” to be brought to the “Facility Information Request Form” where you can complete a quick survey to let your recruiter know that you are interested in adding this facility’s clearance to your profile:

Once you Submit the Request Form, your recruiter will contact you to discuss the opportunities at this location and begin the credentialing process so you can accept these jobs!



View Available Jobs (Map vs. List) & Job Preferences

Access Nearby Jobs (from Menu) or Find Jobs (from home page) to view open opportunities.  Icons appear across the screen where there are open needs in your specialty. Tap an icon to view the jobs at that site, or Toggle between the Map and List views for open shifts:

Indicate Job Preferences by swiping Right to Like, or swiping Left to indicate Not Interested

Note: Swiping Left to indicate “Note Interested” will hide the job on the Map and List views


Direct Bookings

Your recruiter is able Direct Book you for shifts at facilities you are already confirmed for.

You will receive a Job Message Update when your shift has been booked directly with the facility by your recruiter:

Once you receive this notification, you do not need to manually accept the job in AMN hub, however it will show in the My Jobs section of your mobile app.  You are responsible to work any shifts that confirmed to you as Direct Bookings 




“My Jobs” & Withdrawal (Self-Cancellation)

Access “My Jobs” from the in-app Menu.  If you are new to AMN hub and view “My Jobs”, you will not have jobs listed here yet.  Take a look at Nearby Jobs to start booking shifts!

Once you begin accepting shifts in AMN hub, you will have full visibility into your Confirmed (future dates), Pending (not yet Confirmed by facility), Cancelled (by client), Withdrawals (self-cancellations), and Approved jobs (previously worked)

Access Withdrawal (Self-Cancellation): open the shift you can no longer work and scroll to end of Job Details.  Confirm that Withdrawal is the intended action:

The other clinicians in your skillset will automatically receive a notification that a new shift has become open!




Start/Complete Shift, Updates & Cancellations

You are required to “Start” your shift when you arrive at the facility, however there is no consequence if you Start/Complete the shift past the start/end time.  Accessible from app home page, tap “Start”, then Confirm:

From home page, Complete your shift, then Confirm.  Close out the job by Rating your Job Experience and providing optional comments:


Note: Start/Complete time stamps are not used for timekeeping or AMN Payroll

Any changes to a Confirmed assignment will be sent via push notification in real time.  Any cancellations to an assignment are updated in real time.  Changes are reflected to corresponding shifts in “My Jobs”:



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